ESET Parental Control for Android

ESET Parental Control is a reasonably priced easy to setup parental control software in addition to its straining and time-limit features. For parents whose children use Android-based phones; ESET Parental Control for Android is a boon. This being the only Android program lets parents to trace their children, fix the deadline for how long children use their mobile phones, block applications those are of no use and sieved web content.

Being simple to download and easy to install ESET is much preferred by parents of teenagers. By registering children's age; parents will get spontaneously aligned usage and content settings for the child's device. These settings are easy to go through whenever they like.

Spontaneous alignment consists of age-based web sieves grounded on thirty-five diverse classes like

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Parents can simply amend which classes are fine through the app's parent dashboard. Clicking on the thumbs-up or thumbs-down signs the priority can be fixed. The ESET Parental Control for Android allows parents to set up different timings for school days and weekend to use the phone.

The software is adorned with a feature wherein when the children needed extra time to access the smartphone or surf over the blocked websites can drop parents a mail seeking permission for it. ESET proposes location tracking as well. However, ESET's location tracking regularly goes off by around 50 feet. Parents can decipher the child's wide-ranging location, although not a definite address.

It offers to observe restricted social media as well. Parents can downright block apps like Facebook and Twitter.

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