Net Nanny®


Net Nanny®

Net Nanny empowers parents to control and be able to see what their kids access online, generating a harmless digital understanding for each person. It gives parents and caretakers the promise that their nearest and dearest are harmless online, and the buoyancy that they’re making the finest choices for their families. By serving parents in gaining vision into their kids’ data activity and usage Net Nanny is assuring them that their kids are away from cyber-crimes and cyber-bullies

Web filtering capacities of Net Nanny are separated into three areas and that are Net Nanny content filters, Custom content filters, and Block or allow specific website. Content filtering of Net Nanny is very effective and it helps in keeping web browsing safe and secure. There is a screen time feature so if the given time of internet and mobile usage is completely utilised then parents can either stop the internet access or they can lock kids out of the device completely. Parents get real time alerts if the content your kid watches is related to suicide, weapons, porn, and drugs.

Here are features that recommend Net Nanny to parents:

Lets parents to observe their kid's networks, images, and deeds on

  1. date and time stamps
  2. existing location

Aids parents in handling the devastating job of keeping kids harmless when networking with others online.

It lets a PC owner to chunk and sieve Internet content, and puts the time restrictions on usage.

It also blocks desktop PC games.

Blocks Websites by content instead of URL.

It averts kids from retrieving blocked websites over substitution websites.

It lets parents get a cautioning if their kid pursuits a highlighted topic.

It can also control the amount of screen time for kids.

Net Nanny is available on Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, and Fire OS. The setup of this parental control software is quite simple. Parents do not have to worry much because Net nanny has all the features that are required for keeping the kids safe like time management features, internet filtering capability, app blocking, etc. With Net Nanny you have all the power at your fingertips. Monitor all the digital habits of your family and keep them safe from any kind of online threats and danger.

Net Nanny was regarded first by in "Internet Filter Software" and fourth in "Parental Control Software" in 2017. It is compatible with Android and iOS mobile phones. To know more about Net Nanny please visit here.