Important Update

Phonesheriff recently become a victim of illegal hackings and currently their product and services stopped. Currently Phonesheriff team is coordinating with officials and authorities by sharing information about illegal hackings. We will update you once they restart their services.


For all the parents who wish to control, filter and keep an eye on the mobile usage of their kid(s) this parental control software is a boon. Designed and Developed by Retina-X Studios PhoneSheriff helps all working and non-working parents to observe all the activities of their kid(s) while working in the office or being away from them. It assists parents in
Blocking Applications From Usage and Downloading
Blocking Contact Numbers From Outgoing and Incoming Call Records.
Checking Text Messages
Getting Personalized Activity Alerts
Instigating Lock Commands From Remote Location
Real Time Location Stalking
Well-Matched With Android Smartphones and Tablets

Using PhoneSheriff is as easy as a cakewalk. In just five simple steps you can protect your kid(s) from getting spoiled by unwanted internet stuff and cyber bullying.

  1. Install PhoneSheriff to the smartphone or tablet that your kid(s) use.
  2. Login to the software
  3. Accept the terms and conditions
  4. Configure
  5. You are good to go to observe all the activities of your kid(s)

PhoneSheriff parental control software allows you to monitor all the activities of your child in real time. It has various filtering and logging features. Filtering features include Application filtering, Website filtering, Time restrictions, Intrusion alert, Profanity alert, Phone locking, etc. Whereas, logging features includes all the necessary features such as GPS tracking, Photo logs, Apps installed, etc. Here are the detailed features that makes the PhoneSheriff application a perfect choice,

Log in to all websites visited in the internet browser of the smartphone.
Helps in getting prompt GPS pinpoints
Knowing all incoming and outgoing text messages from the smartphone
Helps in keeping an eye on all the incoming and outgoing calls with exact time and date
Seeing what all applications are installed on kid(s) smartphone
Seeing all the pictures captured through the smartphone
Notifying parents whenever a new contact number is added on the smartphone.

You can also create a backup of all the information of the smartphone if in case the phone gets lost. Parents can get all the activity logs in their personal email address. PhoneSheriff also allows you to configure all the settings. So, parents can enter any specific activity that they need to monitor. They can also add new alerts or update GPS tracking interval. With the help of PhoneSheriff, monitor the smartphone usage and stop your kids from doing unwanted activities on their phone and internet.

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