Parental Control App

Get sorted with Parental Control App and get yourself stressed-free.
Are you worried about your child’s security?
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Do you think your child is behaving weird these days?
Is he/she watching something that he/she should not?
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Want to track child’s phone usage?

Parental Control Apps available in the market

This app helps to track phone calls to SMS, social media chats and websites visited. It is compatible. It can work on many devices.

mSpy allows reading the Facebook messages. It records and stores each keystroke the user types. The app also offers to lock the phone from being far away. It offers website blocks too.

The app allows you to track a phone from your computer’s browser on the website from a distance. Installation is simple as it does not need rooting the android device.

The app is user friendly. It offers a wide dashboard. You can track social media platforms. But, the software is expensive and you will have to pay more if you wish to add more devices to it.

This app has subtle control features than the usual ones you are looking at. Yet, it does offer website blocks, parent message feature. It is a good app for Android users.

The app allows access to text messages, contacts, blocking apps and websites. It provides location of your child too.

With this app, you can track call logs. It offers location tracker, social media monitoring. It supplies theft protection and monitory gallery too.

The Family Premier Package in Norton offers a variety of features. This app is easy to install on all the Android and iOS devices.

You can get social media monitoring, text monitoring, and email monitoring. It gives parental alerts too.

It offers to keep tabs on calls. You can watch text messages and GPS locations too. You can control the WhatsApp messages, images and videos.

This is suitable for kids. It offers features like internet filter, time setting, and porn blocker. It also alerts on activities and data usage reports.

What is Parental Control App?

Kids use mobile devices and tablets. Their world revolves around their games and apps. At times it becomes difficult to know what your child is watching and or what he/she is sharing. It is time to realize that you need to stop your children from watching!

But can you do so? Is it possible?

Obviously Not!

It is for this reason you need Parental Control App.

Why you need Parental Control App?

It Gives You To Set The Time Limit That Your Child Can Spend On The Device

It is often a complaint from parents and teachers that students do not perform well in their curriculum. It is because the time spent on the tablet makes their eyes and mind tiring. They try avoiding their homework and self-study. Books annoy them. Screen pleases them.

You Also Can Track The Usage

Google Ad Words many a time, make a child’s world go hay-wired. The keywords are usually linked to other websites which are irrelevant for the kids. Besides, there are many websites that take a huge space in downloading. It eats up the space of your mobile and makes it run slow.

Get To Block Unnecessary Games And Apps

Everyone knows the consequences of ‘The blue whale’ game. It has made many parents undergo depression for the loss of their children. There are other many such games that can make your child go fanatical.

You Can Also Keep A Record Of All The Visited Websites

The present generation is more curious. So they are more fascinated to visit websites that attract them. They try exploring several unknown facts. In this process, sometimes they land up to websites that are not meant for them. Adult programs and soaps disturb their naive life. It is makes them go bewildered. It thrives away from their childhood. But if you can keep a record of the websites visited, you will come to know where to put restrictions.

Important features

  1. 1

    It Should Have Content Filtering Option

    Parents should have the option to block the access to inappropriate content. It could be anything not needed by their children.

  2. 3

    It Should Offer App Blocking Feature:

    The app must be able to help you in blocking the app that you think are not appropriate.

  3. 5

    It Should Be Able To Change The Website Content

    By sitting on your desktop, you must be able to change the content that your child is watching on the phone.

  1. 2

    It Should Offer Setting Of Time Limit:

    The more your child spends time on tablet or phone, the more he is prone to stay away from his social life. You must be able to make the needful setting.

  2. 4

    It Should Be Able To Track Social Media/Text

    Parents should be able to keep a track of the messages and texts that your kids’ friends are sharing or texting.

  3. 6

    It Should Able To Monitor Child’s Usage and Protect It

    Parents should be able to monitor what so ever habits of the children on phone or tablet and can protect them if required.