Norton Family Premier


Norton Family Premier

Norton Family Premier helps defend kids from online raiders to let them enjoy their associated world securely. It can observe Internet, instant messenger, and social-networking websites' traffic. It chunks particular websites in approximately forty eight categories. By assistingyour kids in matching time spent online by scheduling screen time limits for their device usage it helps in keeping an eye on usage of time. Being an Award Winning Parental Control SoftwareNorton Family Premier has tools that demonstrateparents what their kids are undertaking online and ensign insecure deeds so that parents can mention it.

Additional Features of Norton Family Premier

Increase Understanding

Parents can understand the terms their kids are searching for on their Personal Computer or iOS devices. This will help them to discover more about their wellbeing.

Manage Website Usage

Parents can know which websites their kids are visiting. Simultaneously they can also block detrimental or unsuitable websites.

Overseeing Apps

Parents can comprehend which apps kids have downloaded on their Android devices. This lets them pick which ones kids can use like YouTube and Facebook or chunk the apps parents don’t like them to use. Parents can similarly perceive the topmost apps used by their kids.

Sets Time Restrictions

This parental control software sets time restrictions or plan at what times of the day or week the kids can use their Personal Computer, Android or iOS devices.

GPS Location

Parents can be at peace when they can trackthe locations with location supervision tools that plot the location of their Android or iOS devices.

With the help of Norton Family you can let your kid explore the internet while blocking all the unsuitable content. Parents can get all the detailed insights regarding their kids’ online activities. You can set time limitation that will help children to do other work rather than just using mobile phone and internet throughout the day. It helps in creating a balance in their life. Parents get all the detailed report in their inbox and if they find anything suspicious then they can talk with their kids regarding it. Norton Family is an amazing parental control software to keep the kids safer online.

Alternatively, it also helps in knowing which videos kids are watching. Know more about Norton Family Premier visit here.