Why Do School Block Everything On Internet

With the invention of the internet, came a new way for people to communicate and access information. Along with this, came concerns about its use by children. One common concern is that children might be exposed to inappropriate content online. This has led to schools blocking everything on the internet in an attempt to protect their students. However, schools blocking everything on the internet for students has both advantages and disadvantages. In this post, we will explore why schools block everything on the internet, its pros and cons, and above all, why parents should also keep limited internet access at home.

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How Does Internet Content Blocking Keep Students Safe At School ?

1. Students’ Ethics

student ethics and school

It’s no secret that on the internet, a lot of information is available that kids just aren’t ready to deal with. That’s why some schools have decided to block internet usage in order to keep their students’ innocence intact. This way children stay protected from accidentally coming across offensive or disturbing content online. Moreover, using the internet in schools can bring ethical issues too. Blocking internet usage can help prevent cheating by ensuring that students cannot access answers online.

2. Parents’ Concern Over Child Internet Safety

Many parents often feel concerned about their children using the internet excessively. They may feel clueless about whom their children interact with and what information they share online. To make the parents feel stress-free about their children’s internet safety, many schools block everything on the internet and protect the students from online predators and inappropriate content. 

Do Schools Block the Internet Harm Kids?

While content-blocking may have some benefits, it’s important to be aware of the potential downside as well. 

1. Children Live In An Unfiltered World

un filter world for child

The internet can be a menacing place, full of predators and explicit content. So, many schools choose to block certain websites and content from students’ views. However, this approach has its own dangers. First of all, it’s important to remember that children live in an unfiltered world, even without the internet. They are exposed to many things that are inappropriate for their age on a daily basis, whether it’s through the TV, movies, or even conversations with other kids. Blocking internet content will do nothing to protect them from this reality. In fact, it may even make them more curious about the things they’re being denied access to. Additionally, it can prevent children from learning about important topics like sex education and cyberbullying.

2. They Never Discover Something New

Another disadvantage of internet content blocking is that children may not discover anything new. If all they ever see is what’s on the approved list, they’ll never stumble upon anything that expands their horizons. In addition, content blocking can give children a false sense of security. They may think that the internet is a safe, controlled space. It’s important to talk to them about online safety and help them develop a healthy relationship with technology.

3. They Start Looking To Break That Barrier

child using phone

Another noteworthy disadvantage of internet content blocking is once kids realize there’s a barrier in place, they want to find a way to break it. And let’s face it, kids are pretty resourceful when it comes to finding things on the internet that they’re not supposed to see. In addition, content blocking can give children a false sense of security. They may think that because they can’t see certain things, that means those things are not available. But unfortunately, that’s not always the case. 

Why Should Parents Block Websites at Home?

In today’s digital world, it’s more important than ever for parents to be concerned about their children’s internet safety. By monitoring their online activity and blocking access to inappropriate content, parents can help protect their kids from potential harm. In addition, by talking to their children about responsible internet use, parents can teach them how to stay safe online. As a result, children will navigate the digital world more safely and responsibly.


Can a child bypass an internet blocker?

It depends on the blocker. A good blocker will prevent a child from bypassing it. However, there are many blockers that are not so strong and can be easily circumvented.

What sites do schools block?

Blocking social media in schools is common. Schools also block gaming sites and websites having violent and inappropriate content.

Final thoughts,

Blocking internet content in schools can have advantages and disadvantages. Therefore instead of blocking everything on the internet schools can use content filtering to protect students from harmful content without restricting their access to helpful educational resources. To safeguard the kids from the internet’s harmful effects, as parents, you should also block internet content at home. They can also use a parental control app to monitor their children’s online activity. By doing this, you can help your children stay safe while they are online and keep them from being exposed to inappropriate materials.


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