Bark VS Circle VS TiSPY :Choose the Best Parental Control App

It is not easy to keep kids safe on the internet. Standard apps that provide parental control filters are usually cumbersome. Software solutions are compatible with only a few devices. A Wi-Fi router might have basic built-in blocking capabilities. It will not ensure fine-grain control. A few brands of parental control devices have been released. They apply multifaceted rules which apply network-wide and allow users to block sites. These are useful to set screen time limits and monitor activity on devices at home.

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Below are some of the best technologies for parental control that you can use

Bark VS Circle VS TiSPY : According To Features

1. Geofencing

geofencing feature in TiSPY

With the growth of mobile phone usage (worldwide penetration is expected to reach 63.4 per cent by the end of 2019). Geofencing alerts parents if a child’s phone leaves a designated area like their school or house. Recently, parental control apps have taken full advantage of their capabilities with Geofencing. It is a powerful way to utilize the power of location-based marketing for kids’ safety. TiSPY is a parental control app that provides Geofencing services.

2. Social Media Monitoring

Social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram are present on billions of kids’ phones. The platforms give the children a chance to interact with others but can also be harmful to them. These apps may be harmful if someone unknown can contact the kids. TiSPY and Bark are the parental control apps that provide social media monitoring. Which are the best parental control apps?

3. Call And Text Monitoring

call and sms tracking in parental control app

Another crucial requirement to keep kids safe from the harmful effects of technology is call and text monitoring. Children interact with many new people through calls and text. It is vital to monitor their mobile phone to ensure safety. Calling features have been growing by leaps and bounds and cell phone companies take full advantage of its capabilities. TiSPY and Circle are the parental control apps that provide call and text monitoring services.

4. Content Filtering

The feature of content filtering helps in kids’ safety online. It is vital to ensure that your kid is consuming the right content. These parental control apps like TiSPY and Bark provide content filtering services. Such apps ensure that kids are exposed to safe content online. Compared to Bark Vs circle, bark has more features than the other one.

5. Apply Screen Time Rules

screen time for kids

All is good in moderation. This is a rule that should also apply to screen time for kids. If kids get only a few hours of screen time per day then they will consume less harmful content. Parental control apps like TiSPY and Bark apply different screen time rules to different days’ features

All the above listed are useful features that help to keep your child safe. Most apps like TiSPY, Bark, and circle let the parents monitor their child’s phone. This can be done from a desktop computer web interface or a smartphone. A few of the apps also let you block or log calls and texts and read the text messages. All these features are extra steps that must be taken to protect children from the harmful effects of technology. If used wisely, these apps will go a long way to ensure that your child remains harm-free and unaffected by technology.


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