4 Best Android Monitoring Apps to Control Kids’ Smartphone Activity

Mobile phones and the internet are very beneficial for kids as they can learn a lot from them. Internet is a huge source of knowledge and information. But parents should make sure that kids do not spend a lot of time on mobile phones. For that, they can use the android monitoring apps.

Smartphones have become very common in adults as well as kids. The use of technology is continuously increasing, and kids spend a lot of time on their mobile phones. Smartphones and the internet have a lot of benefits, but it can also have a harmful impact on kids’ health and development.

Kids mind is very curious and because of that, they spend a lot of time on mobile phones. They play a lot of games on mobile phones and they can get easily addicted to it. The excessive amount of screen time on a regular basis can cause a lot of problems for kids and it can affect their growth.

Kid with mobile

Radiations from mobile phones can affect the brain. The excess use of mobile phones and the internet also has an impact on kids’ communication skills and emotional development. Parents should limit the usage of mobile phones and the internet to keep the kids safe. The mobile phone can affect brain activity, academic performance, mental health, cognitive ability, etc.

Continuous exposure to mobile phones can cause various problems like sleep disruption, obesity, anxiety, depression, etc. Because of all these harmful effects, parents need to be very careful and they should know what their kid is doing on their mobile phone and internet throughout the day.

Parents cannot be around kids constantly and because of that, the use of android monitoring app is increasing. Recently, the android monitoring app is gaining a lot of popularity because of its features. With android monitoring apps, parents can easily monitor all the activities that kids do on their mobile phones and the internet.

How Do you know whether you need a spyware app for android?

The excess and improper use of the internet and mobile phones can be dangerous for kids’ health. There are a lot of threats on the internet and social media platforms like cyberbullying, cyber predators, phishing, etc. The Internet also has a lot of adults, violent, and inappropriate content that can be harmful to kids. Kids are unaware of all these threats and that is why they are more vulnerable to them. Some of the signs that kids show when they are addicted to mobile phones and the internet are,

  • Disturbance in sleep
  • Kids become anxious when they are away from their mobile phone for a longer period
  • Impact on cognitive ability
  • Poor academic performance
  • Loses track of time
  • They get irritated easily
  • Prefer to be alone with mobile phones rather than spending time with friends or family
  • Checking mobile phones frequently throughout the day

These are some of the symptoms that show that kids are addicted to mobile phones and the internet. Hence, if parents see any of the symptoms then they should talk to their kids about it and help them in getting rid of the internet and mobile addiction because it can be very dangerous and can have a long-lasting impact on the kid’s mental health.

Best Android Monitoring Apps

There are numerous free remote monitoring apps for android available in the market. These android monitoring apps are very useful for parents as it can remotely monitor all the activities that kids do on their mobile phones and the internet. Parents can easily track the social media platforms, texts, calls, location, etc. with the help of the android monitoring app. Some of the best android monitoring app is mentioned below,

1) Tispy


Tispy is considered one of the best spyware apps for android. It offers numerous amazing features, and it is easy to use. The most important features of the Tispy android monitoring app are location tracking & geo-fencing, WhatsApp spy, manage calls, track text messages, monitor internet use, etc. Parents can easily track every social media platform of their kid and see with whom they are talking on social media platforms. This can help parents to keep their kids safe from cyberbullies and cyber predators. Social media platforms have a lot of cyberbullies. Parents can also know the exact location of the kids when they are out with the help of the location tracking feature. Hence, with Tispy parents can know about everything that kids do on their mobile phones.

2) Qustodio

The Qustodio android monitoring app gives all the control of kids’ mobile phones in the hands of parents. Parents can get a detailed report of all the kid’s activities on a daily and weekly basis. With Qustodio parents can control access to websites, track location, control downloading of applications & games, track messages & social media platforms, etc. Various other features of the Qustodio android monitoring app are YouTube monitoring, balance screen time, family locator, etc.

3) Mspy

Parents can remotely monitor all the activities done by the kids on their smartphones with the help of the Mspy android monitoring app. With Mspy parents can view all the incoming, outgoing, and deleted text messages. It has various other features like location tracking, check call history, monitoring social media platforms, keylogger, etc.  All these features make the cell phone monitoring of kids easier.

4) Spyzie


Spyzie android monitoring app provides more than 150 remarkable features that allow parents to monitor kids’ mobile phone activities. It has a lot of features like track social media platforms, view the target’s screen, sensitive information alert, check text messages & call logs, location tracking, keylogger, etc. Parents can try the live demo of the Spyzie android monitoring app and if they find the features useful and effective then they can purchase it.

These are some of the best spyware apps for android that can help parents in keeping their kids safe from all the threats and harmful effects of mobile phones and the internet.


If parents see any symptoms of mobile phone addiction, then they should talk to their kids to keep them safe. Parents can use the android monitoring app because it is one of the best solutions as it allows them to know about every activity that kids do on the internet and smartphones. Hence, parents can easily know if their kid is in any danger with the help of android monitoring apps. 


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