Protect Children From Online Abuse Using the Android Tracker

Android tracker is a very important and necessary thing for parents. The use of mobile phones and the internet has become very common in recent times, especially in kids. The excess use of mobile phones and the internet can have a lot of negative affect on physical and mental health. Everyone has become dependent on mobile phones because of the features that it offers. Even adults are using mobile phones regularly throughout the day and kids usually learn what they see. But it is difficult for parents to stop using mobile phones. A lot of work is done through mobile phones and the internet. Similarly, kids can search related to their studies or ask their friend for any help with the help of mobile phones.

Mobile phones and the internet are very dangerous if you are not aware of their threats. Kids do not know how mobile phones and the internet can affect their health. Parents cannot be around them throughout the day to keep them safe from the harmful effects of mobile phones. That is the main reason why a lot of parents have started using android tracker.

The excess of mobile phones and the internet can be very dangerous and can cause serious health issues like depression, anxiety, insomnia, etc. There are numerous threats to mobile phones and the internet like cyber bullies, scams, phishing, cyber predators, etc. Kids have no idea how to deal with all these issues. That is why it is necessary for parents to know what is constantly going on in their kid’s life so that they can keep them safe. Kids are constantly in touch with their friends with the help of social media platforms. They are continuously browsing the internet The social media and the internet can be very dangerous for the kids and android spyware can help parents monitor mobile phone and internet usage of kids so that they can protect them from any kind of threats.

Best Android Tracker Apps

The android tracking software is very helpful for parents as they can track every activity that kids do on their mobile phones and the internet. This way parents can know whether their kid is safe from all the threats and harmful effects of mobile phones and the internet. The android tracker offers a variety of features like web filtering, app blocking, time restrictions, location tracking, etc. It is difficult for parents to continuously stay around kids to see what they are doing and that is why the use of android tracker is increasing. The android tracker can also work as a WhatsApp tracker because you can also monitor WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Here, we have mentioned the best android tracker apps that can help parents to know about all the activities of kids on their mobile phones.

1) Net Nanny

Net Nanny

It is one of the best android trackers that helps parents to monitor the activities of the kids and keep them safe from any kind of harmful content. Net Nanny allows parents to manage screen time and block any kind of adult or violent content available on the internet. The various features of Net Nanny android tracker are internet filter, website blocker, application blocker, screen time management, alerts & management, YouTube monitoring, Parents dashboard, etc. Net Nanny has a total of three plans as given below,

  • For 1 desktop – $39.99/year (For PC and Mac)
  • 5 devices – $54.99/year (For PC, Mac, and mobile)
  • 20 devices – $89.99/year (For PC, Mac, and Mobile)

2) Norton Family

Norton Family

Norton family provides all the necessary information to parents that can help them to keep their kids safe. Parents can know which are the websites that are continuously visited by the kids and they can also check the application that is downloaded on their mobile phones. This helps parents to know whether the applications are good for their kid or not and if it is not good then parents can also block such applications. Some of the amazing features of the Norton family are web supervision, access request, e-mail alerts, weekly and monthly reports, etc. Norton family offers a free 30-day trial period and after that, it is available at $49.99/year.

3) Bark


With the help of Bark, parents can monitor various popular applications and social media platforms that are installed on the kids’ mobile phones. It has various amazing features like text and e-mail monitoring, screen time management, social media monitoring, parental alerts, web filtering, etc. It has a total of two plans,

  • Bark Jr – $5/month
  • Bark – $14/month

4) Tispy


Tispy is one of the best android trackers because it offers numerous features. Because of the amazing features of Tispy parents can track all the activities that kids do on their mobile phones and the internet. Some of the features offered by Tispy android tracking app are track calls, track text messages, spy social media platforms, location tracking, and geofencing, track multimedia files, monitor internet usage, monitor installed applications, etc. Parents can also use Tispy as a WhatsApp spy android. Tispy android tracker comes with a health monitor that can track the physical activities of the kids. It shows their health on the control panel. Parents can check the total distance kids walked in a day and how many calories they have burnt by exercise. There is a free two-day trial period and after that, there are a total of three plans,

  • Basic – $11.73/month
  • Premium – $6.74/month
  • Standard – $8.7/month

5) Spyzie


Spyzie provides more than 150 remarkable features that help parents to monitor the activities of the kids. Some of the amazing features of Spyzie include WhatsApp spy, view the screen of the target device, export and view monitored data, track location, check to browse the history, monitor social media platforms, call log details, etc. Spyzie also has the feature of recording voice calls. This feature is very useful as parents can know what their kid is talking about on their mobile phones. There is a total of three plans offered by Spyzie,

  • Pro version – $49.99/month
  • Ultimate version – $59.99/month

6) Qustodio


Qustodio android tracker allows parents to view all the detailed reports about the daily activities of the kids. It allows parents to set time limits to control the usage of smartphones. It offers various amazing features like YouTube monitoring, balance screen time, a panic button for android, a family locator, etc. There is a total of three plans and they are mentioned below.

  • Small – ₹2070/year (Protect up to 5 devices)
  • Medium – ₹3580/year (Protect up to 10 devices)
  • Large – ₹5150/year (Protect up to 15 devices)

These are some of the best android trackers that make the job of parents easy. Parents can track all the activities of kids. If there is any kind of danger then parents can keep their kids safe by using an android tracking app.


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