3 Best Features of Mobile Spy Apps to Understand Kid’s Online Activity

In a world dominated by technologies, mobile phones, and the internet have become very common. From kids to adults, everyone has access to mobile phones. The introduction of mobile phones has affected the day to day life and daily physical interaction among people. There are many reasons why mobile spy apps require. Nowadays, It is difficult to stay away from mobile phones and the internet because they help with a lot of work daily.

There are numerous advantages to mobile phones and the internet, but these things also have many disadvantages and harmful effects. Parents are mature so they can know what’s harmful to them, but kids are naive, and they cannot differentiate between good and bad. Hence, parents have a huge responsibility to keep their kids safe from all kinds of negative effects of mobile phones and the internet. That is why parenting nowadays is more difficult than ever.

Why to use Mobile Spy Apps?

The use of mobile phones is increasing very rapidly among kids and they are constantly on their mobile phones using the internet or any applications. Mobile phones have become an inseparable part of kids and it is difficult for parents to keep mobile phones away from kids. The excess use of mobile phones can have a huge impact on the physical and mental health of kids. Some of the things that can affect the mindset of kids are cyberbullies, cyber predators, phishing, scams, etc. These things are very dangerous, and it can affect the mental health of kids for a longer period.

The excessive use of mobile phones can cause anxiety, depression, insomnia, which is very harmful and dangerous at such a young age. The Internet is also not a safe place because there is a lot of violent and adult content on it and it is harmful to kids. Because of all these reasons, it is very important for parents to know what their kid is doing on mobile phones and the internet, but parents cannot continuously watch on their kids to see what they are doing. Parents cannot be around kids throughout the day and that is why spy apps should be used.

How Spy Apps are Helpful to Parents?

The spy apps can be used on android and iOS devices and they can also be known as android spyware or iOS tracker. The mobile spy apps are very important as it allows parents to know what their kid is doing throughout the day on their mobile phones and the internet. Parents do not need to continuously watch their kids and they can remotely monitor all the kid’s activities without any difficulties. The spy apps offer numerous features that help parents in monitoring the mobile phone and the internet. Apart from this, parents can also know the location of kids with the help of mobile spy apps.

3 Best Features of Mobile Spy Apps

There are numerous spy apps for android and iOS available in the market. A lot of spy apps work on various platforms like android, iOS, and windows. The android tracker offers a lot of features like manage calls and texts, location tracking, multimedia file tracking, social media platforms tracking, monitor internet use, etc. Here, we have explained in detail some of the most important features of mobile spy apps.

1. Social Media Tracker

Social Media Tracker

Social media platforms are very common among kids as well as adults. So, parents know that it is very difficult to completely ignore these platforms. Parents are also aware of the harmful and negative effects of social media platforms, but kids have no idea about it. That is why it is necessary to monitor social media platforms and with spy apps, you can do it easily. You can track each platform like WhatsApp, Facebook, Hike, Hangouts, Skype, Viber, Line, etc. The android spyware allows you to remotely check all the messages and multimedia sent and received on the target phone on any social media platforms. You can see chat history, personal and group chats, videos, photos, and documents.

Apart from this, you can also see the time and date stamps of any message and know the name and number of the sender. Cyberbullies and cyber predators are very common on social media platforms and with the help of spy apps, parents can protect their kids from these cyber bullies. If parents find any inappropriate message, then they can instantly talk to the kids about it because it is very difficult for kids to share these kinds of issues as they are very afraid. Hence, without worrying about anything parents can monitor the social media platforms of kids and can keep them safe.

2. Monitor Calls & Text

This is an equally important feature as it helps parents to know with whom their kid is constantly talking on mobile phones and what they are talking about. If your kid is constantly on a call with someone and you are worried because you do not know with whom they might be talking then you don’t need to worry anymore. Because with call monitoring feature parents can see the time and date of each call along with the contact name and number.

Monitor Calls & Text

This feature allows parents to download all call recording files and call history with time and duration as the Html file. Parents can view the missed calls and they can even see the calls that were deleted from the phone. Along with the calls, parents can read the full content of all the sent and received messages. This feature also shows the name and number of the sender so parents can know with whom their kid is talking on messages.

3. Block Websites/Apps

Monitoring of websites and applications is necessary because it helps parents to know what their kid is searching on the internet and which are the applications that they use on their mobile phones throughout the day. Parents can see all the websites that are visited throughout the day along with their specific URLs.  You can check the browsing history and time and date stamps of the browsing logs.

Block Websites/Apps

Parents can also know how many times a specific website has been visited. This helps parents to know what their kid is surfing about on the internet and if there is any adult or violent content that can be harmful to kids then parents can block such websites. Similarly, parents can know all the installed applications on the kid’s device with the help of this feature. If your kid is addicted to gaming or if there is any inappropriate application on their device, then parents can also block those harmful applications easily.

These are some of the most important features that help parents to keep their kids safe from the harmful and negative effects of mobile phones and the internet. The android spy software and iOS tracker plays a very important role in the safety of kids. There are a lot of spy apps available in the market and based on the features you have to decide which is the best spy app for you that can keep your kid safe when you are not around.


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