Top 7 Hidden Screen Recorder Apps for Android You Must Try

A screen recorder is an asset for parents looking for convenient ways to monitor their child’s mobile phone activity. It is easy to take a screenshot or record a screen on a phone, but doing the same secretly becomes difficult.  A screen recorder can make your task easy.

What Does A Screen Recorder Do?

A screen recorder app helps parents to track the activities of their children which are performing on their mobile phones. The secret screen recorder is being used to track kid’s phone usage activity. It helps the parent to have a video proof of everything their child does on the phone.

Why Should We Use A Spy Screen Recorder?

According to an article by the American Psychological Association, children are getting affected by screens more than they are learning from it. Parents have no control over the content their kids are consuming. This is having adverse effects on the overall well-being of kids.

A spy screen recorder can help parents to monitor the nature of the content and also take initiatives to save the kids from the harmful effects of the screen.

spying screen recording apps

While a screenshot can be edited easily a screen recorder spy app gives conclusive video proofs of phone activity in case of reporting of crimes against the kids.

Parental control apps provide a screen recorder feature that helps parents to ensure their kid’s safety and well-being.

7 Best Hidden Screen Recorder Apps For Android

The difficulty to record screens on phones is solved by using a hidden screen recorder. The spy screen recorder can record screens conveniently without the target people know. Here is a list of some of the hidden screen recorders and features that they offer.


mspy parental control app

When it comes to monitoring applications mSpy is on the top of the list. mSpy does not require rooting and is easily accessible for parents. It records screens efficiently on all the messaging apps so that parents can keep a track of the nature of the conversation their child is involved in.

It is compatible with social media platforms and can record everything that is being shared on the target’s phone.

mSpy gathers all the information from the target’s phone through screenshots and videos and sends all the tracking information on the users’ control panel from where it can be easily accessed.


TiSPY Spy app

TiSPY is one of the leading spy screen recorders offering multiple features to its users. It is convenient to use and is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. TiSPY offers a budget-friendly features and an effective screen recorder to ensure the safety of the kids.

It provides a dashboard to its users where all the tracking information is accessed easily. It gives real-time tracking of the target’s phone and works in hidden mode. TiSPY records the screen in high resolution and has convenient sharing options.


One Spy Parental Control App

The app is compatible with both android and iOS. It records the screen for everything which is being done on the target’s phone. OneSpy is easy-to-use secret screen recorder requires only a command to start recording the screen on the target’s phone. It works in stealth mode, and the target’s phone does not know that it is being recorded.

The hidden screen recorder can also record voice notes on the target’s phone. While the app is slightly high priced, it also does not offer many features as compared to other applications.


iKeyMonitor Parental Control App

iKeyMonitor is another one of the best secret screen recorders, that records everything on the target phone’s screen. It gives real-time tracking information to the users. It gets triggered by specific keywords during conversation and starts recording the screen immediately.

The app allows taking screenshots on all the apps that are being used on the target’s phone. It also offers multiple tracking features that help parents ensure the overall well-being of their kids. It is easy-to-use and budget-friendly for users.


BlurSPY Screen Recording App

BlurSpy is one of the best-hidden video recorder apps. It works on android phones and records the screen of the target’s phone effectively. The feature-packed secret screen recorder app helps parents to track their kids’ phone usage activity. It works in spy mode and does not let the target phone know that the screen is being recorded.

It is an easy-to-use secret screen recorder and records WhatsApp messages without rooting. The only disadvantage of the app is that it is only supported on Android and is not compatible with iOS.


Mocospy parental control app

MocoSpy is the hidden video screen recorder app that records screens in real-time. Users can remotely record the screen, take screenshots, listen to voice notes, etc.

It works in hidden mode and is convenient for users. It offers multiple features for users to track the target’s phone conveniently. While the app offers efficient screen recording but abruptly stops working sometimes.


Ogymogy parental monitoring software

Ogymogy is another video recorder app that works in stealth mode and offers effective services for users. It possesses vital significance for users like parents who are worried for their kid’s safety from the technology. It offers multiple features for parents to record the activity on their kid’s phones anytime.

It is compatible with android and iOS devices. It tries to offer effective services but lacks in solving technical issues faced by the customers immediately. 

How To Choose The Best Secret Screen Recorder For Android?

The secret screen recorder apps are important for parents who want to track the nature of the content and phone usage activity of their kids. The hidden screen recorder apps help parents to ensure their kids’ safety.

There are lots of hidden video recorder apps available in the market, but choosing the best one is a tedious task. Users should consider the following factors before selecting a hidden video recorder app:

  • Price
  • User-Friendly
  • Sharing facility
  • Features
  • Customer Support

Parental control apps like TiSPy, mSPy, iKeymonitor offers effective secret screen recorder with multiple features and are budget-friendly for the user.


The ill- effects of technology on children are increasing rapidly with the growth in its use. These effects are affecting kids’ minds and hindering their healthy growth. Hence, as parents, they need to make sure of their kids’ mobile phone usage activity.

This can be achieved by practicing screen time parental control. Hidden video recorder apps like TiSpy, iKeymonitor, BlurSpy helps the parent to record the screen of their kid’s phone to track the content they are consuming and ensuring their safety.


How do I record someone’s screen without them knowing?

You can record someone’s screen without them knowing by using a hidden video recorder app like mSpy, Mocospy, etc. The apps work in hidden mode and do not let the target phone know of their tracking.

Is there an app to secretly screen record?

Yes, many apps can be used to secretly record screens. Parental control apps like Tispy, iKeymonitor, OneSpy, give multiple features including screen recording in real-time. The apps work in hidden mode and do not let the target phone know of the monitoring.

Can You Record Chrome Browsing with Screen Capture Software?

Yes, you can record chrome browsing using screen capture software like TiSpy, OneSPy, mSpy. The apps are compatible with Android and iOS devices and can track information on a real-time basis.

Is It Possible to Record Facebook Activities?

Yes, using a hidden video recorder app like mSpy, TiPsy, iKeyMonitor you can record the Facebook activities of the target phone. The apps work for all the social media platforms and record the screen activity in real-time.


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