mSpy VS FlexiSPY VS TiSPY – The Best Parental Control App

The internet has become an inseparable element of our lives. Today, individuals from all generations are using the internet. While it is beneficial to our lifestyle, the internet has also brought many threats. Young kids are most prone to fall prey to dangers on the internet. Due to this reason, parents are always concerned about their kids’ safety.

A boon to parents, parental control apps help to keep their kids safe. The parental control apps allow parents to monitor their kid’s overall phone and internet usage activity. With the several features of parental control software, parents can ensure their kid’s safety effectively.

The following article compares three parental control software; mSpy, FlexiSPY and TiSPY for their features.

Features Comparison between mSpy vs FlexiSPY vs TiSPY

1. Facebook Monitoring

Facebook monitoring using parental control app

The user ratio of people using Facebook is very high. The high number of Facebook users makes it a primary platform for cybercriminals to fulfil their ill intentions. Parents can monitor their kid’s Facebook activity using parental control apps. TiSPY and mSpy provide Facebook monitoring features to the parents while FlexiSPY offers the feature only in premium versions.

2. Read IM Calls

Sexual predators and cybercriminals often call the kids to attract them to do something harmful. Parents need to keep a check on the call logs of their children. Parental control apps help parents to read the incoming IM calls. It allows parents to identify the caller and ensure the safety of their kids. TiSPY and FlexiSPY provide this feature to the parents. But, mSpy does not offer any such feature.

3. Record Phone Surrounding

record voice of target  phone surrounding using TiSPY

Your child might be interacting with predators or might be in danger. In such cases, parents can record phone surroundings to use as evidence later. TiSPY and FlexiSPY allow parents to record phone surroundings but mSpy does not offer any such feature.

4. Listen to Phone Surrounding Live

There are times when parents are unable to discover the real situation with just text messages and call recordings. Phone surroundings can help parents discover the exact situation their child is in. Prenatal control apps like TiSPY and FlexiSPY allow parents to listen to phones surrounding live. mSpy does not offer such a feature.

5. Take Photo/Video With Phone Camera

You never know what situation your child might be in. If you are often worried about your child’s whereabouts, monitoring through parental control software may help you. Parents can take photos and capture videos through their child’s phones remotely. The feature allows parents to know the exact situation their child is in. TiSPY and FlexiSPY allow parents to capture photos and videos remotely. mSpy does not provide this feature.

6. Live Screenshot

Techy children are smart enough to delete chats, call history and web browser history. Due to this parents can never monitor the knowledge their child is consuming through the internet. Parental control apps allow parents to take live screenshots of the screen to track the phone usage activity of their child anytime. Of the three apps we are comparing today, only TiSPY offers a live screenshot taking feature. mSpy and FlexiSPY do not provide this feature.


The parental control apps are helping parents to monitor their child’s phone usage activity. With effective monitoring of various applications, parents can ensure their safety. The article compares the three most loved parental control apps in the market. While all of them offer several features, only TiSPY offers all the relevant monitoring features to the parents. With TiSPY parents, can track the overall kid’s phone activity and keep them safe from any danger.


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