NetNanny vs Bark vs TiSPY: Choose The Best For Your Kids

With all the technological evolution, everyone including; young kids have access to the internet. The internet and technology have made lives easier but; also brought in many threats. Kids at a young age are highly prone to fall prey to these security threats. The dangers of the internet can have adverse effects on the developing mind of kids. Hence, parents need to monitor their kid’s phone usage activity.

In such scenarios, parental control apps are a boon for parents. Parents need to install the app on their kids’ devices. The app records the phone usage activity of kids and brings it to the parents. This way, parents can monitor their child’s phone usage activity to ensure their safety.

The following article compares the three parental control apps netnanny vs brak vs TiSPY.

Features Comparison between Net Nanny vs Bark vs TiSPY

Refer below table to know which features are available in particular parental control app.

FeatureTiSPYNet NannyBark
GPS Location TrackingYesYesNo
Live DemoYesNoNo
Monitor social mediaYesNoYes
Monitor text messagesYesNoYes

1. Keylogger

keylogger for kid's smartphone

A keylogger helps parents monitor the entered keystrokes of their kids. The keylogger feature records all the keystrokes across different apps and brings them to the parents. Out of the three apps, TiSPY and NetNanny provide keylogger features, but Bark does not offer keylogger to the parents. The keylogger feature of TiSPY provides accurate information with real-time updates.

2. GPS Location Tracking

There might be cases when your child is lying about their location. GPS location tracking allows parents to track the live location of their child, location history and the path they have followed. TiSPY and NetNanny offer GPS location tracking to the parents. Net Nanny does not provide location history information; TiSPY users can also access the location history of their kids.

3. Live Demo

live demo TiSPY parental control app

Before choosing, the parents want to check the app’s features. TiSPY provides a free live demo feature to test all the varied features of TiSPY. The parents can take a live demo and test the features with TiSPY. While Bark and Net Nanny, none of the two apps provide live demos to the parents. Bark only offers one risk-free week, and Net Nanny offers none.

4. Blocking

The explicit information on the internet can easily reach the child. This explicit can harm a kid’s developing mind. Parents can block the harmful information from reaching the kids. TiSPY and Bark offer blocking features using which parents can block specific sites and restrict the installation of particular apps. Net Nanny does not offer any such feature.

5. Monitor Social Media

moniter social media activity of kids

Kids are prone to share too much information on social media platforms. They might also interact with strangers who can be predators or cyberbullies. Parents can monitor their social media activity to save kids from the dangers of social media. TiSPY and Bark allow parents to access the social media accounts of their kids. With TiSPY, they can also peek into the messages and chats on different social media platforms. Net Nanny only provides access to YouTube activities of the kids.

6. Monitor Text Messages

Text messages are the primary way for cyberbullies and predators to reach the kids. Kids at their gullible age can fall prey to cyber-crimes like phishing attacks and identity theft. TiSPY and Bark offer access to text messages on the kids’ phones. Parents can read the sent and received messages and also identify the person their kid is interacting with.


In the present world, parents need to be extra aware of their kid’s safety. The parental control apps help parents monitor their child’s phone usage activity to keep them safe from any danger. The three parental control apps we compared in this article, TiSPY, offer all the features to the parents. With TiSPY, parents can ensure their kid’s safety.


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