5 Things To Remember Before Choosing A Good Parental Control App

5 Things ToRemember Before Choosing A Good Parental Control App

First, the parent presented the tablet to his child,

The child took the tablet,

Then the tablet took the child

And now the tablet is the child.

It is a painful sight to see children learning wrong things from the internet. There isn’t a way to deprive children of gadgets and the internet. The digital world is making tasks simpler, true, but it is also creating a risky world of technology and the internet for the children. So how does one keep an eye on their children on the usage of the internet? The answer is simple. This can be done by choosing the right parental control app. Read more to know how to choose the right Parental Control App for you and your child.

  1. Should Have Complete Stealth Mode

Make sure the parental control app, has the feature of stealth mode. This means you will be able to watch your child’s mobile without giving any indication to the kid. Most of the features offer impressive features that allow you to keep powerful audio/video surveillance. You will be able to view the call logs, track all the calls and contacts.

  1. It Should Have Secondary Features As Well

The parental control app along with the feature of monitoring and limits should be able to provide you with other features as well. So what do you think a good parental control app should have?

As a parent getting access to the phonebook of your child is a brilliant idea. The feature should able you to block specific contacts. What’s more, if you can get a live screenshot of the phone, it is like an icing to the cake. There are apps that offer unique features. These features are –

  • Watch a live video without delay
  • Listening to live audio of phone with clear voice etc.
  • Getting 24/7 instant alerts
  • A summary of every day’s through emails and so on.

How about getting to know your child’s health records! A good parental control app will show your child’s health on its control panel. You will be able to know the number of steps taken or miles walked or even burnt his calories etc.

Get hold of advanced features such as text copier, keystroke logger, and so on.

  1. View Deleted Messages From Target Device

If you thought you were smart, your kids are smarter. Many a time the conversation that takes place is deleted on the fear that they will get caught. In such a case, a good parental control app should enable you the feature where you can view deleted messages too from the target device. Things like an alert on SIM card-change, viewing of installed application and uninstalled application must be viewable. This is the perfect way to keep a watch your child when your kids do not want you to be a part of their conversation.

  1. It Should Be Pocket-Friendly

Now, who wants to spend a fortune on a good parental control app? So make sure when you buy a parental control app, it is cost effective. It means it should be able to provide you with an outrageous number of features with application activity to getting copied user-id and password for secured accounts and so on. Hence any amount that is $5 to $10 a month is a good bargain. After all, it is all about your child’s security!

  1. Strong After-Installation Service

The real challenge of every parent who starts using a parental app is the after-installation service. Many a time, to get started with the app, you need to know its usage. Thus, the app should be able to provide with strong after-installation service where the app can get synchronized to any country of residence. It should be able to support all the platforms and application genre.

Final thoughts before you head to buy the best parental control app

Always review the app before you head to buy it. Read its terms and conditions. Go through the license grant, the legal agreement, reservations and restrictions before you are ready to download the app. Start getting connected with the internet just like the neurons of the brain[1]do to you.



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